Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break

After the JH rando race Tanae, Brynlee, Pedro and I headed up to Tanae's parents cabin to relax for the rest of the weekend. I was pretty tired from the race but was still able to carry Bryn, and pull a sled with food and things the little over a mile to the cabin.It was a wonderful way to kick off spring break. The rest of the week was filled with epic powder days and lots of good running. I topped off the weekend by ski patrolling the closing weekend at Pebble Creek. I was delighted that Tanae and Bryn came up Saturday afternoon and we were able to take Brynlee on her first official run and chair ride.
(Insert proud dad grin here). She is still pretty young to ski on her own (almost 2) but she had fun and I was ecstatic.
It snowed super hard all day Sunday bringing Pebble's season to a glorious powder filled conclusion. Now it is time to get serious about getting the mileage up and really focusing on running.

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