Monday, July 19, 2010


In typical fashion I have fallen behind in keeping this blog updated. I have had the goal for several weeks to put an awesome post together highlighting what I have been up to, but I simply have not had enough time. I am very slowing getting a bunch of video put together that documents the running that I have been doing while I have been in Seattle for the last couple of weeks. I am here doing my final clinical rotation for PA school. It has been intense, I work in the Harborview Emergency Department, we take care of people that are hurt really bad, and are brought from all over the NorthWest. TV ER dramas have nothing on what a real trauma center sees. I work twelve hour shifts, 5-6 a week. There hasn't been much time for anything but work, running, eating, studying (some), and a little sleep. I have still managed to keep my weekly mileage between 80-105 miles, all with lots of vertical. Although I have to drive to get to any trails, it is very worth it, the mountains and trails here are so very beautiful, though I do have to admit that I am starting to miss sagebrush and juniper a little. In a lot of ways it has been pretty lonely up here, my wife and daughter weren't able to come along, and the few friends that I do know here in the big city have been doing lots of traveling for racing and other obligations. Seems strange to be lonely when I am surrounded by millions of people, but the closeness of familiarity is absent. I hope to get out on a few runs with the amazing Krissy Moehl over the next week and half, since she is coming to back in town after a whirlwind of ultra-running adventures, that will be awesome. Hang in there for pictures and video of breathtaking trails, only a week and a half more here then I head home, where I think I will have a bit more time to get those up. Happy running!

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  1. Did you see we are moving back north? I took a job in Cheyenne and cannot wait. Lots of stress trying to sell a house, but it will be worth it to breath the fresh air of altitude once more.