Monday, January 10, 2011

US Ski Mountaineering Championships 2011

This past weekend was one of the biggest weekends of Ski Mountaineering racing that has ever gone down in North America. Saturday was the US National Championships held at Teton Village, Wyoming. Many people were commenting, including the Canadian National Champion, that it was the deepest field assembled for a Ski Mountaineering Racing on this continent. I am going to put together a full blow by blow report of the US champs race as well as the Grand Targhee Ski Mountaineering Classic that happened the next day, in the next week or so. Until then here are some pics and results.

Charging up the last of the climb up Corbet's Photo James Hlavaty

Leading the race ahead of the chase pack up Corbet's Photo James Hlavaty

On the podium with 1st Reiner Thoni (CAN), 2nd Brandon French, 3rd me Photo James Hlavaty

US Champs Results:
Men's Pro:
1- Reiner Thoni 2:39:14
2- Brandon French 2:40:04
3- Luke Nelson 2:40:38
4- Pete Swenson 2:41:34
5- Bryan Wickenhauser 2:42:10

Women's Pro
1- Janelle Smiley 3:07:21
2- Sari Anderson 3:08:43
3- Monique Miller 3:16:24
4-Amy Fulwyler 3:18:47
5- Jari Kirkland 3:22:45

Link to Powder Magazine Story Here

Grand Targhee Ski Mountaineering Classic
Men's Race:
1- Reiner Thoni 1:40:47
2- Travis Scheefer 1:40:50
3- Brandon French 1:40:52
4- Luke Nelson 1:41:43
5- Bryan Wickenhauser 1:42:04

Women's Race
1-Sari Anderson 1:54:36
2- Janelle Smiley 1:57:15
3- Monique Merril 2:05:40
4- Jari Kirkland 2:07:18
5- Amy Fulwyler 2:07:36


  1. Man, that's awesome. I had no idea you were such an awesome skier, too. Congrats.

  2. Way to go, Luke! So how come you decided to do Targhee also? Just for fun?

  3. Steve- Targhee ended up also being a points race for ranking at worlds, so even though I hadn't planned on going out hard on Sunday, my body felt surprisingly good and I went for. I should have the blow by blow of both races coming soon.

  4. Can I go to Italy with you? I will ride in the trunk...

  5. I am going to Italy for sure (if I can manage to put together the money for some additional gear and all of the travel expense). The chance to wear the US flag on my ski suit and represent at an international event is something I can't pass up!

    Clint- you can ride in the my bag if you can make it through customs :)

  6. Great result Luke, congrats