Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ok, seriously I really am going to keep up with this blog, I made it a New Year's resolution.  I guess the I have plenty of excuses why I haven't posted in a while, the craziest finals week I have ever had, putting in a few too many hours in at Scotts Ski and Sports just before Christmas, and then the flying the 23 of December trip of holiday insanity to my parents house in New Mexico for the holiday with my family. We got back late tues. night and spent all day yesterday catching up with life at home in Pocatello. 

I do have a couple of pieces of good news: La Sportiva has invited me to be a member of their Mountain Running Team for the 2009 season, which I am absolutely ecstatic about!! They make a wonderful product and from what I can tell from their athlete packet they take great care of their athletes.  This means I will be able to race more than last season and do it style as well.  Second bit of big news is that the registration for the Pocatello 50 opened today, it is going to be an awesome race to get the season started right. Check it out at   The third bigs news is that I was able to get good grades during my first semester of PA school and I get to keep attending!! 

While we were in New Mexico I got to spend a Christmas day skiing with my beautiful wife, ust me and her.  It has been a long time since I have been able to do that, it was great to spend that time together.  I snuck in a few runs while we were there as well.  Both around 8 miles in warm temps and sunshine.  I did realize however that it is probably time to start to kick things into gear and ramp up the training for the upcoming Randonee Race season, while also putting down a solid base for running this spring and summer.  That's all for know but look forward to a glimpse into my 09 race schedule and some training ideas that I have been putting together.

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  1. Hey Luke - Great news about La Sportiva, we will be teammates!