Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poor luck with computers

Another gap in updating my blog, this time it comes from my poor luck with computers recently.  I had to send my laptop back to apple to get the wireless card replaced, I had it back just a couple of days and I took a spill on a very icy set of stairs at the university... as you can imagine a laptop in a protective case in my backpack should have been well protected, it was not enough for this fall.  I managed to crack the lcd screen which made my 13" macbook more like a 6" macbook, so off it went back to apple for what I hope to be a not ridiculously expensive repair. 

Besides my woes with my laptop things have been going very well here in Pocatello.  Despite balmy winter conditions I have still been able to maintain my training goals and get in a few days of more than exceptional skiing.  If there is anyone actually reading this that is interested I am looking for a partner for the Grand Targhee Randonee Race this saturday, up until now I have been unable to pin down a partner.  If I can't find one I'll just get in a long run so either way it will be a great day.  I only have a few more days before school kicks off again for the semester, so I am going to make the most of them.

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